25+ Free Stock Audio Resources

Updated on: November 15, 2018

The list below contains a mix of sound effects, music, and voice clips. Each has it’s own licensing and as such, you the end user, are responsible for using any audio according to their terms. Enjoy and go see what awesomeness awaits you.

We are in no way affiliated with nor endorse any content that may be found on each respective site. We are providing the links for informational purposes only.

1. AudioMicro
The web’s largest library of micro stock music and sounds will definitely be a helpful resource to bookmark. Sound clips are categorized by type, like amusement and game sounds or animal sounds.

2. Audionautix
Audionautix is a great site for free stock music. It is run by Jason Shaw, a composer, producer, engineer. This site has managed music tracks by genre, mood, tempo.

3. Bensound
This site belongs to Benjamin TISSOT, a Composer, and Musician from France. He provides free stock music for commercial use as well as personal use by Bensound. If you use his stuff, YOU MUST GIVE HIM CREDIT.

4. CCmixter
CCmixter is one of the best free stock music sites. It provides instrumental music for films,videos, music for games/videos, free music for commercial projects. It has eccentric, eclectic, experimental genres, and background loops also.

5. CC Trax
CC Trax is a great resource for free stock music. It has different categories of music like ambient, techno, electronica, and jazz etc. You can download without any signup. It gives you the freedom to download the full album in a single click.

6. Converse Sample Library
The converse sample library is a growing collection of free stock music at Rubber Tracks Studios. You will find shots, stems, loops recorded by Rubber Studios here. You can create cool kits of your favorite music for mobiles, browsers etc. All the music is royalty free with no strings attached.

7. Free Music Archive
Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality free stock audio clips. It is directed by WFMU, a renowned radio station of America.

8. Freeplay Music
Freeplay music is a professional-looking site that provides free stock music on YouTube.

9. Free Sound Effects
Free Sound Effects has both free and premium sounds. From airplane sounds to applause to ambient noise, you’re sure to find plenty of freebies here.

10. Free Stock Music
Free Stock Music offers no fees, no catch, unlimited downloads on stock music provided from Audio Blocks. Choose from cinematic scores, classical country, pop, rock and more.

11. Incompetech
Kevin MacLeod offers many royalty free options sorted into a collection for your listening pleasure. From disco to video game classics to rock music, you’re sure to find something suitable for your project.

12. Jamendo
Jamendo is an open source for music lovers. It connects the musicians and music-lovers all over the globe. Here, anyone can enjoy a wide catalog of 500,000+ tracks shared by 40,000 artists.

13. Last.fm
Last.fm is a great resource for quality music. It avails hundred of audio tracks to you for free. You can search a free music track as a live chart, new release or coming soon.

14. MCS.Franknora
MCS(Midnight Cassette System) is a site of free stock audio music made with a portable music device MadPlayer. All the music can be downloaded easily under License CC0 1.0.

15. MobyGratis
Designated as music for independent filmmakers, MobyGratis offers a lot of high-quality music for filmmaking or other projects.

16. Musopen
Musopen is one of the best free stock music sites. It is a U.S. based non-profit site with free music resources. It provides sheet music, recordings, and textbooks.

17. Newgrounds
In their audio section, you will get hip-hop, rock, podcasts & much more. You will get music of all genre almost free as under Creative Commons license.

18. OffersAdobe

It Includes thousands of uncompressed audio sound effects. These files are sorted by type and style. You will get a download in ZIP format. These royalty-free audio tracks can be downloaded easily in a single-click.

19. Opsound
Opsound is a free stock music site where musicians and artists are invited to share their work. Music-lovers are invited to share, download, remix, listen to the audio tracks.

20. PacDv
PacDv is a good resource for sound effects. You can see it as a free stock background music site. It has a large collection of free sound effects.

21. Partners in Rhyme
Similar to Free Sound Effects, Partners in Rhyme also offers a selection of free sounds as well as premium. They have all sorts of sounds, including lava, earthquake, jungle, city, and more.

22. Patriotic Music and Educational Recordings
If you’re looking for ceremonial or Patriotic tunes, the Marine Band website has plenty of options to choose from.

23. Phlow-Magazine
Phlow Magazine is one of the best free stock music sites. It provides free mp3 downloads from musicians and netlabels all over the world.

24. Pond5
Pond5 is one of the best free stock music sites. It has 2000+ free music tracks in public domain which are sorted in various categories.

25. Purple Planet Royalty Free Music
Purple Planet offers free music for projects that can be used in exchange for a link back to their website. They also offer premium music for commercial, business, and editorial use.

26. Public Domain 4U
Updated about once a month, Public Domain 4U shares public domain music clips that are royalty free and legally shareable.

27. Starfrosch
Starfrosch is thousands of Free Open Music tracks to reuse for your projects. Share, remix, sample, monetize. Gifted by attention seeking or generous artists. Royalty Free Music & No Copyright Music. See their FAQ’s any Licensing requirements.

28. SoundBible.com
For free sound clips, sound bites, and sound effects,  SoundBible.com is a must-visit. With more than 140 pages of clips to choose from, you’re sure to find a sound for you. All sounds are licensed via Creative Commons or are Public Domain.

29. Soundcloud
SoundCloud is one of the best free stock music sites. Most of the audio tracks are uploaded by professional artists. While some files are shared by musicians.

30. SoundGator
From ambiance to animals to voice sound effects, SoundGator has an extensive collection of free mp3 clips for use in your projects and presentations.

31. Sound Jay
Sound Jay offers mostly sound effects, including hover sounds, button clicks, and transportation sounds, but they also have some music to choose from as well.

32. Sound Jig
It is among some good free stock music sites. You can get anything from sound effects to music loops. There are various categories of music like animals, sci-fi, vehicles, machines etc. All music can be downloaded easily for free. YOU MUST LINK BACK TO THEIR SITE.

33. Soundshiva
Soundshiva is one of the best free stock music sites. It is dedicated to netlabels. It has a large collection of music sorted by genres. You can get a variety of music genres like folklore, glitch, drone, minimal, punk, and a lot more.

34. YouTube Audio Library
This is the easiest way to get free stock music for videos. There are around 150 tracks available to use.

35. Natentine Royalty Free Music
Natentine provides a variety of audio clips for variety of categories. While you should be covered in most cases for everyday use, be sure to review their license disclosure.

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This isn’t the end,
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